We are going to help you get this thing going. For you, an allowance just isn't enough. You are thinking of the future: a successful business, fame, fortune and a pretty awesome thing to brag about on our college applications. So…how are we going to do this? Check it out.

Start your business

1) Choose from some businesses that we've already got ready to go
2) Pick a high definition background that illustrates your business and personality
3) Name your business
4) Write a short summary about your business
5) You're done!

Manage your business

1) List your availability so potential customers know upfront what your schedule is
2) Allow customers to contact you view the web, to set up appointments and services
3) Print simple invoices to give your customers for your services (Coming Soon!)

Promote your business

1) Your own, custom KidHire website URL. (example:
2) One click and you've got a flyer
3) One click and you can order business cards to pass out and leave with clients (Coming Soon!)
4) Link to your Facebook or Twitter feed for your business

Build your business

1) Access to Business Tips center, which includes exclusive content from our partner, BizKid$, on how to learn business basics and how to become a true entrepreneur
2) Access to our Safety center, which helps you learn how to be safe while you go out and earn your place in the business world